Booking a live event

You are booking a live event with Game Masters at Clockedin. To provide your team and other teams a good experience it is important to arrive in due time. If this fails, you may lose your booking.

Your meeting time is precisely 5 minutes before the booked time. If you are more than 10 minutes late you will lose your booking.

Please note, if you arrive too early you may not be let in before we are ready to greet you welcome inside Clockedin, and you will have to wait outside.

Our escape games start at the same time in different rooms. You may experience a minor waiting time until we can guide all teams into their respective rooms.


Cancellation or request for possible rebooking can’t be requested on our phone. Cancellation or request for possible rebooking must be send to us on email for it to be valid. Terms and Conditions apply.

  • Within 72 hours before your booked time: no refund or rebooking. (no matter the reason)
  • Up until 72 hours before your booked time: Refund (- fee DKK 250) or one free rebooking capability. You can also change the numbers of people within the total capacity of your booking.


It is not allowed to bring or enjoy beverages or edibles of any kind during your visit

Children: We meet thousands of happy family-teams every year, and they love our games. But please note that the games are not for unattended children. The puzzles are too challenging without the support of adults. If you book for a children group you will be rejected on arrival and your payment is not refundable.

We do accept young people (16-18 years) at a minimum of four per team.

The maximum number of players in our three Escape rooms is 15 in total, and 5 per each room.

If in doubt send us an email, and we will guide you.

Financial notes

You booking confirmation is your proof of purchase (you will receive no further invoices.)

Refund fee: DKK 250
Rebooking more than one time fee: DKK 250

Invoice: We don’t provide invoices along with your booking confirmation. After Your event you can request a receipt per email.

Credit note or partial credit note: We do not provide that. In stead, you will receive an updated booking confirmation and the credit amount will be returned to the card holder of the booking confirmation.

EAN Invoice is not possible

We do not accept cash payment. You may pay using VISA or MasterCard if needed.

Gift Certificate

A Gift Certificate to our live event is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. There is no money back or refund. The Gift Certificate can not be exchanged to cash.

Please remember to use your Gift Certificate while it is still valid.