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Terms and Conditions

Cancellation notes

Cancellation must be send to us on this mail: [email protected] for it to be valid. Terms and Conditions apply.
Within 72 hours before your booked time – no refund or rebooking.
Up till 72 hours before your booked time – Refund  (- fee 250DKK) or one free rebooking capability. You can also change the numbers of people within the total capacity of your booking.
Refund fee 250DKK
Rebooking more than one time fee 250DKK
Your team’s meeting time is precisely 10-15 minutes before the booked time. (if you are more than 10 minutes late your will lose you booking)
You are booking a live event with Game Masters at Clockedin. To insure your and other teams a good experience it is important to make it in due time. If this fails, we will do our best to provide a great experience anyway! (late within 10 minutes) but it can become necessary to start the game with a special short intro and even shorten the Escape time to less than 60 min.
In relation to Covid-19 limiting steps taken from 29/10.2020 we no longer let customers in whom are more than 10 late beyond the booked time. So please don’t be late. and please be at Clockedin 10-15 minutes before your booked time – together we keep the distance 🙂
Age: we meet thousands of happy family-teams every year, and they love our games. But please note the games are not for young kids alone, groups like birthdays, school classes. The riddles are to challenging with out the support of adults in each game. youth groups is set at (16-18 years) and a minimum of four in the team. If in doubt send a mail with the different ages in your group and we will guide you.
COVID-19 INFO: together we keep the distance 🙂
It is not allowed to bring or enjoy beverage or edible of any kind during your visit and we no longer sell bottles of water.
Before you enter your Escape Room all guest will be given disposable gloves, they must be kept on at all times in the game room.
Guest must bring and wear their own Facemasks. Face Maskes makes sense – together we keep the distance 🙂 Covid-19
Please be aware that you as guests must be waring their own/personal FaceMask before you enter the door to Clockedin. Please make sure to notify all your guest in due time before your event.
From 29/10.2020 It must be worn at all times during you visit, when in reception, wardrobe, toilets etc.
The face mask is not mandatory once inside your room with close relatives. But we recommend that you keep it on when with friends, colleagues and more.
Our Gamemasters will ware mouthpiece when not behind the screen at the desk.
Our Game master will keep good distance during your stay, and if needed inside your room during escape, they will wear mask and disposable gloves.
We do not sell or provide mouthpieces to our customers!
Invoice send to you after your event on mail price: 250DKK
EAN Faktura Payment must be confirmed in our bank in advance, and then booking can be completed price: 350DKK