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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it a scary game?

No, but can be surprising! There are no scary elements involved in our escape games at Clockedin. This is not a haunted house – it’s a challenging and fun game!

Can we get any help?

You can get hints and help from the game masters, who monitor your every move and provide you with appropriate tips on info screens, if need be.

Can we always get out?

Yes, always! The exit door is never locked and there is a lit EXIT sign showing the exit route, but please use the toilet before the game starts.

What is the language?

English and Danish speaking gamemasters, Most of the puzzles and codes are solved without using any language, written clues will be in English as well in Danish, if found 😉

Escape puzzles and fun, but how?

You have your room to yourself, No actors, No other guests or persons in your room during your game. We are not theatrical, with us it’s all about your Escape 🙂