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The Cocktail Party of Vlad D. Hanson

Per Person
From :
kr 220

If you are ready to make a run for your life in a fun and not too scary way, choose this room.

Hour Glass Duration: 1,5 hours

Users Capacity: 2-15 people

Copenhagen Cocktail Party Escape Room

The count has invited you to one of his famous cocktail parties in Copenhagen.

You show up at the specified address. At arrival, you are told that due to current renovations, you must enter through the side entrance of the house and pass through the butler’s kitchen before you can get to the count’s famous ballroom. But you start to notice that something is wrong, very wrong!

And before you know it, the door to the escape room is locked behind you. This night has become a struggle for your life.

Now the only question is…will you drink cocktails, or become cocktails yourself?

Book this room to test your escape skills and make it out of the cocktail party before it’s too late.

This room has a minimum of 3 People.